A facilitated session to help your organization identify improvement opportunities. CII’s End-to-End Value Stream Assessment is a seven to ten-day, facilitated session that helps participants identify opportunities for improvement in the organization’s key processes, or value streams. Understanding and optimizing these processes is critical to maintaining efficient, cost-effective and competitive production and service delivery. to document them using different value streams. A value stream includes all of the steps that go into the creation of a product, good or service.

After identifying areas for improvement, CII’s experienced facilitators guide participants through prioritizing focus areas, creating a future value stream map that documents the recommended improvements, and developing project charters to address the most critical issues.

Session Description

The End-to-End Value Stream Assessment is one of the assessment approaches CII may recommend for your company. This particular assessment provides a structured approach for evaluating an entire process from start to finish. The objective of this type of evaluation is to identify where the process may be broken, or where defects or barriers to success occur, and to document them using different value streams. A value stream includes all of the steps that go into the creation of a product, good or service.

Session Specifics

Who Should Attend: BMGI recommends (8-10) participants from different levels within the organization. Participants must be able to attend the entire three-day session, and be open to discussing organizational issues.
Session Length: 7 to 10 days

Session Requirements

The organization should be prepared to select which products, goods or services need to be evaluated; if these follow the same basic value creation steps they can be assessed as a product family. Generally, assessments should focus on processes that generate 80 percent of product/service flow or cost. Value Stream Assessment helps the leadership team and relevant associates understand and improve key processes from end to end.

End-To-End Value Stream Assessment Session Agenda

End-to-End Value Stream Assessment follows the standard agenda below. We may recommend a variation based on your organization’s specific needs.

  • SIPOC - R Map of Overall Process

  • Process orientation to deliver breakthrough efficiency, effectiveness and a mindset for continuous improvement

  • Nominal Group Exercise to Examine SIPOC

  • Document Process and Identify Non Value Added (NVA) Activities

  • Conduct Assessment of 20 Focus Areas

  • Begin Current State Value Stream Map (VSM)

  • Assign Teams to Data Collection Tasks

  • Finalize VSM Data Needs

  • Select Top Three Focus Areas for Improvement

  • Complete Cause and Effect Matrix of Identified Improvement Opportunities including Methodology Determination

  • Review and Validate Current State VSM

  • Create Future State VSM

  • Begin Project Charters for Key Improvement Opportunities

  • Finalize Savings Opportunity Impact (Current to Future State)

  • Finalize Assessment Report

Viewing processes as value streams overcomes the limitations of vertical management practices, and provides a better understanding of all the steps required to bring a specific product or service to fruition.

What Are The Deliverables

The output of your team’s Assessment work will be a final Assessment report that contains loads of important information. The primary deliverables will be:

  • A completed current state value stream map

  • A completed focus area assessment

  • A completed Cause and Effect (C&E) Matrix of identified opportunities

  • A completed future state map

  • 8-15 partially chartered projects – whether they be DMAIC projects, SCORE events, innovation or design projects, or Just-Do-Its